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2012 Best Of Wine Tourism - Semarkinhas was awarded the Prize for Best Accommodation

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 2012 Best Of Wine Tourism - Semarkinhas

The House Semarkinhas was awarded the Prize for Best Accommodation in 2012 Best Of Wine Tourism 

The Great Wine Capitals Global Network presents another year’s recipients of its Best of Wine Tourism Awards 2012. These award winners have excelled through their outstanding offerings in the areas of service, innovation, creativity and authenticity, representing their regions each in a unique way. Every one of these award winners is more than worth the trip to one of our charming member cities and wine regions.

The Great Wine Capitals Global Network has been presenting this top-notch competition since 2003. 

The international Best of Awards honour the world-class work performed in our cities and regions. One of the main goals of  Great Wine Capitals Global Network is to promote the wine regions and wine tourism.

So, we invite you to visit Smarkinhas and discover the house which was awarded Best National Accommodation in 2012 Best Of Wine Tourism.

About the Region - Porto and Douro Valley

Nestling in the northwest corner of Portugal, the dusky pinks,yellows and blues of the Unesco-historic centre of Porto glow in the evening sunshine, as the buildings look over to the historic Porto wine cellars on the bank of the Douro river, where the major port houses have their warehouses, many offering fascinating visitor centres for the wine tourist.

This is a romantic and beautiful city to explore, and just an hour from the stunning Douro Valley, where steep terraces of vines form some of the most spectacular landscape in the world. These vines make the Touriga grapes to be transformed into port and increasingly into a rich still red wine. It is also a short drive from Vinho Verde, home to the light, fresh white wine that has made such a renaissance in recent years.


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SeMarkinhas - Portugal

SeMarkinhas - Portugal

18 April 2012