About Us - Semarkinhas House to Rental in Douro Valley - Portugal


We discovered this beautiful area of Folgosa on the left bank of the Douro River, near  Régua and Pinhão, with a fantastic view over the Douro River.

The project and the house was finished in September 2010 and we have called it SeMarkinhas, which was the name that  grandfather affectionately  used to call to  my daughter Maria.

We have developed this project by preserving and respecting the countryside  off the region and by giving a special atention to the rebuilding of the house, in order to comply with its original arquitecture with all the typical rusticity.

We have decided that this place should be revealed to those who have the passion for the Douro, who feel the Douro with its exceptional wines and its beautiful landscape. 

The house is placed in a land area of  about 5,000 m2, and can be rented for periods of one week.

The Douro is a wonderful place!  

I think that the landscape  is  what I most like and appreciate at the house "SeMarkinhas.  

It is difficult to describe the feeling that we have on our minds after opening  the window in the morning when we  wake up. The River Douro apears in front of our eyes with all its plenitude, with such a beautifull landscape that  it is dificult to absorve, but neverless appears right there in front of us like a painting.

We can observe the Douro River with its total tranquility, the old train moving on, the little chapel of the beautiful village of "Covelinhas" located on the opposite bank of the river, which at the end of the day becames like a cascade  with its lights on, up along the hillside.  

Not so surprising that we had the dream to rebuild this house and create this unique space, so we can enjoy this relaxing landscape where the view extends and where we see the magical realism of the Douro River.